• have equity in my property
  • I would like to leverage the equity in my property to manage my debt
  • I have a clean credit and bank record

  • I would like to consolidate my short term debts into a large loan
  • or
  • I am having trouble managing my current debt obligations

  • I have a signed offer to purchase
  • I have a deposit for my mortgage finance as well as the registration costs
  • I have a clean credit and bank record
  • Our Mission

    Home loans

  • Debt Consolidation and other highly effective Debt Solutions
  • Facilitation of the best products for new home loans.
  • Remortgaging advice.
  • Expert consultants offering the highest quality of service and advice.
  • The South African credit market has changed significantly over the last few years heightening the need for customers seeking debt solutions to use an independent broker like Bondbusters. So contact us for the best advise and options out there, before you do anything:

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