Fees and Charges for Debt Consolidation

There will be fees and charges involved, such as the new banks initiation fee and the new bond registration fee, however both of these can be included in your new mortgage amount and will normally be insignificant to the savings you will make by consolidating. Your Bond Busters consultant will give you all these debt costs and fees once they have approvals back from the lenders. Unlike new bond origination, we are not paid commission by certain lenders when consolidating your debt in terms of remortgaging. We are then unfortunately forced to charge a fee for the service provided when placing business with these lenders.

Remember, moving short term debt into long term debt is not without its problems. Car loans are repaid over 5 years and not 20 years, due to the life expectancy of your car. Therefore we strongly advise clients to continue to pay the amounts towards repayments that they are before debt consolidation, after consolidation. Thus overpaying into their mortgage, as their savings will be far greater.