How do I know if I should Consolidate?

Follow our 3 Step Plan for deciding whether to Debt Consolidate or not:

Will Consolidation save me money monthly?
Your calcluations should include repayment as well as monthly fee savings

What type of consolidation is best for me - secured or unsecured?
This would depend on whether you had property or not, the cost of secured lending (in terms of registration costs) as well as the amount required to be consolidated)

Will it save me over the long run?
Consolidation must be better for you in the long run, i.e. you must not incurr more interest over the period because of extended terms. Do not consolidate credit card debt at a rate of 21% that can be paid off in 12 months into a loan of 35% to be paid over 5 years - unless you intend to use the monthly cash flow saving to over-pay your loan to reduce your interest burden