Why use an independent broker?

A broker saves you time - the broker's job is to make sure that he does all of the investigation and running around so you don't have to. One point of contact for you to the many points of contact for lenders out there in the market. You don't arrange property finance everyday - we do - so we know the ins and outs of the processes and products of all the lenders. It's our job and we take it seriously.

A broker saves you money - not only in the phone calls needed to get in contact with many lenders if you did it all yourself - but by structuring correctly your broker knows how to get the best deal possible for you. With Titanium Solutions we seek to assist in improving your financial position further by sourcing better insurance quotes for you helping you better afford your finance.

A broker puts you first - an independent, direct to customer broker has only one client - YOU. No estate agents or developers that sap the focus from getting you the best deal.